1.  The focus will be on broader agriculture policies. Focus will be general and adjustable keeping in view growing needs.
  2. Conduct studies on emerging policy issues. Periodically examine, processing, storage, and marketing costs of agricultural commodities and recommend policies and programs to reduce such costs and improve the competitiveness of commodities. Broader coverage and holistic approach
  3. Analyze the impact of important agricultural policies on groups such as consumers, processors and exporters and advise on policy adjustments needed for greater efficiency and equity.


Regular Assignments

  • Prepare Annual Policy Analysis Reports on Cotton, Sugarcane, Rice and Wheat
  • Conduct annual input-output field surveys in main producing areas of Cotton, Sugarcane, Rice, Wheat and Tobacco Crops.
  • As a Consultative Mechanism, annual meetings of Standing Committee of all stakeholders before the formulation of price policy for Wheat, Cotton, Rice and Sugarcane Crops were conducted at the API premises.
  • Prepare Annual Papers for the meeting of Food Supplies Committee of Defence Planning.
  • API being the Member of the Price and Grades Revision Committee of the Pakistan Tobacco Board, Peshawar provided regular inputs.
  • Attend regular sessions of the Senate and National Assembly for coverage of agriculture related items.
  • Prepare the Replies to the Senate/National Assembly Questions regarding food security, hike in input prices and emerging policy issues in agriculture sector.
  • Assistance to the Ministry on analysis of emerging policy issues like food crisis in respect of Food Security in the country.
  • Prepare technical input as Briefs/Comments on various issues/studies/papers/letters, etc.
  • Regularly attend the weekly meetings of the National Price Monitoring Committee of the Ministry of Finance, Islamabad.
  • Prepare papers on MFN strategy, SAFTA, Sensitive List referred from the Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad 2011.
  • Analyze the Indian Subsidies in Agriculture Sector on Fertilizer, Electric power, Irrigation water and Food subsidy.
  • Internship programme for BS students from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad and University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi.


Technical Assistance in Sugar Advisory Board (SAB)

The Federal Government has reconstituted the Sugar Advisory Board under the chairmanship of Federal Ministry of National Food Security & Research.

Agriculture Policy Institute has been assigned to provide technical assistance and input particularly on sugar stock position, domestic and international prices of sugar.

  • The Institute is also providing technical input and economic analysis/studies particularly related to sugarcane, minimum indicative price of sugarcane, cost of production estimates based on primary data from the field, consultative mechanism wherein farmers/farmer’s representatives and other stakeholders are consulted, collection of data from national and international organizations, etc.
  • The API also provides support in coordination with provinces, SBP, PBS, FBR, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industries and production and other Federal Government Ministries/departments, and the sugar industry.